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Roberto Santana:
roberto @ computer-spinne.de

Mit Wirkung zum Jahresende 2019 beende ich mein ehrenamtliches Engagement als Übungsleiter und damit das Projekt "Spielend programmieren lernen" in den Räumen des Kiezspinne FAS E. V. Ich wünsche allen 30 Kids, welche den Kurs kurz oder lang besucht haben, alles Gute, viel Spaß beim programmieren und besonders viel Erfolg in der Schule.

Events and excursions

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The year 2017 - preparation and first steps

The sundial, an elementary school in Berlin in 2017 Excursion To Historical Computer To 2017 Exhibition Networks In 2017 Computer game Museum in Berlin
Every beginning is difficult. We are looking for a place to Stay and a computer room. Only through the mediation of our Vice-Chairman. The District Mayor, Mrs Monteiro, we were able to find the Neighbourhoodspider FAS e. V. a permanent place to Stay. Thank You Very Much.

The year is 2018 and It goes right

The neighbourhood-culture-Festival in the orangery of 2018 Children, youth, and family day 2018 Long night of the Sciences in 2018 Excursion to the Zuse Institute Berlin 2018 The Tropical Island
Really Practice and Learn, we started, but with a single child. Andreas is since the beginning and has brought two friends from the sundial school. Mitter while have received all three of the boys, the certificate about the participation in the Python course from OpenHPI.
It is pleasing that we now have also several girls from Johann Gottfried Herder High school to participate.
Have finished this year with a visit to the Tropical Island.

The year 2019 - The Internet era has begun for us

Festival of neighbors in 2019 The Strato AG Internet in the middle of Berlin The neighbourhood-culture-Festival in the orangery of 2019 Fennpfuhl festival in Lichtenberg, North-2019 Children, youth, and family day 2019 Long night of Sciences, 2019 TH Wildau Energie-Museum Berlin 2019 TH Wildau
New Kids on the come, from the elementary school Victoria town primary school sparse mountain and the Immanuel Kant Gymnasium.
We are moving by means of DNS and IP addresses through the Internet and visit our Server in the data center in the Internet via ssh, and in Real Life.
We welcome our first participant from the Mildred-Harnack-school and look forward, we are now also a student of a secondary school with secondary school with us have.
For the Youngest it means that you through various advanced Education can inform offers directly.

Derzeit findet kein von mir
geführter Kurs "Spielend
programmieren lernen" statt.